You win some, you lose some

So today I had a great breakfast conversation at the office with the “yoga ladies” who are also regulars. We all go to the same gym, but I know them from the office. Anyway, I had some time to talk to them for the first time since before finals. They are a very eclectic older bunch and there is always some interesting conversation going on. Even when I am studying I catch snippets. It’s close to gossipy but there is a flavor of sincerity that’s comforting. Those who know me know that I don’t really strike up conversations with people. I’m not a talker, I’m not a schmoozer, I don’t enjoy the bullshit chit chat with people who are only half listening. I like quality conversations. This means that I usually scowl in my own world instead of smiling randomly like a clown jackass. So anyway after my lovely morning I went to my balletone class, where I had another unexpected and fun conversations with one of the old ladies there about ankle pain and I suggested she try KTTape which I’m obsessed with. And I offered to take her to Boston Body Workers, which is where I had my taping done. So we exchanged numbers etc. AND we geeked out on Mac stuff too, so I got really excited to hang out with her. She just got a square thing to accept credit cards for her biz on her iPad and I’m really interested to see it in action so our field trip will be perfect. Then in class, it was all downhill.

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My social morning took a nose dive. This woman (who had stuck her foot in my face last week, while we were stretching) stood right in front of me and blocked my view in the mirror. And in ballet you really have to watch yourself if you want to improve, and since I am a beginner, I am always trying to watch my form etc. So this woman did not even stagger herself. It was like I was invisible. So I moved all the way up to the front, like parallel to the instructor, and some woman comes up and scolds me and says, “yeah but none of us can see,” instead of kindly saying something like, oh I know you moved beause you couldnt see, so let’s work it out over here.” nope, she was pretty much just a bitch. And I said ok well I’ll just be blocked this time and we can rotate next time, and moved back to my place. I decided to take the opportunity to really feel my body and actually closed my eyes a couple times to see if I could feel my form etc. It was ok, but not the same as seeing it, since I don’t have enough experience to know what to feel. THEN (yes, there’s more!) we went to get mats at the end and the scolding woman kind of handed me a mat i think, but naturally I wasn’t paying attention, I was just going for my own mat. So I think when i didn’t take her mat, she gasped, “Oh my GAWD!” because apparently she was shocked and appalled that I wasn’t paying attention to her and didn’t take her mat. So much drama at the freaking gym! This is why I NEVER speak to anyone, and rarely make eye contact. When I go to the gym, i like to get in and get out. I don’t expect much conversation, let alone a scolding from a woman I hardly know. I can just hear her in my head thinking I’m a young punk kid (since I look like im 12) who has neither manners nor respect. Little does she know I am 30 and approach strangers with more respect than she showed me!

So there you go – the one day i decide to talk and I’m in a comfortable mood being social, I make a couple new friends and then get torn a new one. And so it goes. You win some, you lose some. Still glad I talked to all the other ladies, though. They will be fun. 🙂

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