You don’t have to “adult” alone.

My name is Julie Tolek. I have had to learn a lot of life lessons on my own. Ever the introspective empath, I am constantly analyzing and learning new things from my experiences. Some of them are super fun, and others are the kind I wish someone had taught me before I learned the hard way.

Much of the fuel for my sharing comes from interactions with people (including lots of lawyers, because….well….I am one), my odyssey through law school, my entrepreneurial labor of love in starting my own law firm out of school, and my general astonishment with a lot of random shit that happens in my life. I started this blog while I was in law school and my goal is to keep it going as I learn from life.

This blog is my attempt to share my nuggets of wisdom with you. From celebrations to face palms, I’ve got you covered.

You’re welcome.

Julie Tolek

Thanks to everyone who has believed in me and my authenticity. This is for you.


This is totally more than 3 years ago.