Review: The Studio: A Dance Center for Adults

OK so I am reliving my childhood and started ballet at 29.5 years old. I have been going to The Studio for about 6 months now, on average once a week because I don’t have the time to go more often. I have no recollection of what my 3 years of childhood ballet were like, but let me tell you, I really don’t care because Sue is just amazing!

I am not personally familiar with ballet’s reputation of being competitive and snobby, but I can tell you that at The Studio, there is no such thing. Because it is an adult studio, everybody WANTS to be here, and since we are all adults with lives outside of ballet, there is no competition to be the next swan of any color. 

Sue is a great teacher. She is sweet and funny and encourages proper form and correction without making you feel like a fool. She is super approachable and willing to answer any questions…even some non ballet related! 

I love that there are sequined tiaras you can wear while you dance! I wear one every time, and nobody has snickered yet, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun and stop taking yourself so seriously! Sue will also remind you of that as well, as she notices when people aren’t breathing and reminds us that holding our breath and creating frown lines does not help our form!

There are also a variety of other classes offered such as Zumba and Belly Dancing, but I have not been to these. Sue also offers private lessons by appointment, and she can provide suggestions on little things you can do outside the studio to keep your mind in the ballet spirit and work on your skills at the same time.

GEEK ALERT: you can reserve class space online if you like!

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