Review: Green Street Massage

Wow! So first of all I must mention that I am super picky about my massages…I mean what else is new, really. So when I needed a massage after 3 weeks of sitting hunched over a computer and law books for 13 hours a day, I consulted a friend to see if she had any ideas (See Jill F.). I needed the big guns. She said Chris would be perfect and is amazing. I said listen, I need someone who will really get in there – none of this girlie massage business, but I need someone who will really tear me apart (and by tear me apart I mean really get in there and under and around and just immerse into my musculature and fascia). And she said not to worry because Chris was amazing.My friends I have to tell you that I was really impressed by Chris’ massage prowess. We had a little chat before hand about my issues and told him what I needed and where I thought I needed it. As soon as he got his hands on me, he could tell I was right handed and that I carry by purse on my left side, which let was my dominant, etc. All he has to do is feel you to figure your shi*t out. THAT is what a body worker should be able to do. The pressure was perfect, and even if it wasn’t I would have let Chris know because he asked me a couple times to make sure I was happy.Chris is professional, personable, and gives amazing massage, and his rates are totally reasonable. I will definitely seek out his hands on my aching body again. Oh, and he’s cute, too. :)Parking is terrible, but you can take the orange line. Chris works by appointment, and gets back to you very quickly to get something scheduled ASAP. AND he takes credit cards on his phone! Which is cool all by itself and I would go to him just for that because I am a geek.

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