My Summer of Random

Ok so I wasn’t able to pin down anything specific to do this summer because there are just TOO MANY OPTIONS. What happened to the days of ignorance is bliss? I know I am so lucky to have all these options, but seriously, it gets tough to decide. I have an over analytical brain that anxiously thinks in perpetual circles anyway, and now enter 100 options and decisions to make. I’m doomed to spend my time trying to decide what to do instead of actually doing.

The first issue is whether I am going to need/and when to have surgery on my foot. I have had pretty chronic foot pain in my right foot for a while now. It would show up once in a while over the past year, but now it has been hurting daily since late February. I finally got to a PCP who ordered an xray (I have an HMO insurance with Tufts Health Plan and there are, like, 5 doctors in my area who accept it, and 4 of them are pediatricians. Luckily the one guy who does internal medicine is down that street and fabulous…quite literally). The xrays don’t look good to me, but I don’t know anything about radiology. A couple people have given me feedback and it’s all different. I won’t see podiatrist until June 8. So the waiting game begins. A lot is on hold until I know what is happening, but I am going to assume surgery, which will put me off my feet, at least athletically, for several weeks to a couple months. Which sucks, since I am active and/or do ballet at least 5-6 days a week. So I am waiting for that.

Ballet Tutu

The second issue is how to plan my birthday celebrations. This will be my first birthday in Boston since I turned 21, and it is fitting since I will be turning 30! Yeah!!! Another milestone birthday in the bean. It will actually be a pleasure planning this, and I have already started brainstorming…but still, it is a lot to think about.

The third issue is whether I am going to be able to travel at all this summer. Again this depends on my foot situation. I will likely have to make at least a quick trip to FL because I have a home that I own and I might need to take care of some business with it. Which leads to my fourth issue, which is taking the necessary steps to refinance my home. And for my own amusement, I plan on using the things I learned in my Property class and doing a title search etc and experience some REAL LIFE LAW.

I also might have to go to small claims court to battle a Travel Insurance Company in denying me benefits from one of my 2 cancelled trips over the winter. More REAL LIFE LAW.

In between all of this, my mom is coming to visit, I am going to see my BFF Jamie in PA, my soulmate Chris is coming to visit and help me through recovery, more ballet (!), reading a bunch of books, building a ballet barre in my living room, and other stuff! Oh and I want to go to DC and sit in on some court stuff. Good times.

Welcome, summer of 2011! Bring it!

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  • Deb

    30! Enjoy and embrace your age. 30 is the new 20 -seriously! Have a great birthday

  • Tom

    Enjoy and embrace your 30th…. it only comes once!

    Let your old soul and young spirit dance/party that night away!!!

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