Friends = motivation = symbiotic relationships

Starting my big fitness challenge has been…well…challenging. My mom left to go back home, which has allowed me to re-adapt to my normal lifestyle a bit. This weekend, however, I am at my best friend Jamie’s, in PA. She is like my sister. We have been friends for almost 15 years. I have to say this trip is just what I needed.

Having been through some health issues personally, I find that I have learned, and continue to learn, to not take my self and my health for granted.

My drive here was gorgeous and very meditative. I left Boston a bit disgruntled, but was so excited to be here that I forgot about everything as soon as I arrived. I haven’t seen Jamie in almost a year, if not exactly a year, so it has been something both of us have been looking forward to.

Jamie has been on and off the fitness wagon the past couple years, and I believe I have helped her with her journey. It was really nice to come “home” to someone who is encouraging and motivating and trying to accomplish similar goals. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend getaway with a better person.

20110606-001537.jpg20110606-001507.jpgWhen living a healthy lifestyle, it is so important to be surrounded by like minded people who inspire and motivate you indirectly because they have the same aspirations, and these are values and interests that really continue (or should continue) throughout your entire life. It is nearly impossible to maintain longterm success when you are around people who do NOT take health seriously…nor should you have to convince them to do so. These interests work best when the basic common interest is natural, yet you provide each other with new information to re-inspire and grow.

I believe in leading by example, and it is important for me and my future kids/family to see people around them who are making positive healthy choices in life. We have no control over so many things in our life, and yet, to an extent, how we treat our bodies and what we put in them is one area where we CAN exercise (no pun intended) control. Choosing to do physical activity daily and have proper nutrition are among the things that we can do.

I started running/jogging again (regularly) this weekend for the first time since last May! And I feel great! I had to stop last year because of tendonitis in my knee. I have been doing PT since then and I think my ballet has really helped strengthen areas that were contributing to my knee pain before. I feel so amazing now! I am starting little by little with jogging intervals, thanks to Jamie helping me. We have run/walked about 3-4 miles daily so far.

I am so grateful to have people in my life like Jamie (and a select few others – you know who you are!!) who make me want to be a better person and be the best that I can and also ENJOY doing the same. I think I provide the same for them, and thus the cycle continues, and we grow better, stronger, together.


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