Know when the Green line is late using Google Maps

The D line (and all lines for that matter) are notorious for running late, especially when you need them the most. Enter an update to Google maps that allows you to see where your T or bus is realtime.

Google has just announced a partnership with transit agencies in six cities to bring real-time transit updates to Google Maps, both mobile and web versions. Boston is one of these six cities. You will now be able to see exactly where your train is, any delays, and when it will arrive without having to download any other apps.

In an article from the Boston Globe, MBTA GM Richard Davey said, “For the T, it’s a little bit of a coming of age. Now, we’re one of the first and certainly the largest [transit agency] in the United States to work with Google on predictions.”

See Full Article here.

From Gregory Gomer’s article for Bostinnovation, “Real-Time MBTA Updates Coming to Google Maps Today

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