How we quickly forget that hard work pays off

It has been one week since finals ended! Yay! Praise the lord and Hallelujah…although now the world is ending, but that’s a story for another time.

First of all, I would like to take a moment to reemphasize that hard work does pay off. I sometimes forget this, because I get caught up in the middle of whatever I am studying, and I get so wrapped up in the confusion and/or sense of urgency that I don’t realize that the long hours I am putting in actually MEAN something. One of my greatest areas of improvement in school the past year has been in my legal writing. I spent a LOT of time on my memo and brief – so much that I kinda sorta ignored the rest of my classes for a week or 4. I felt like a horrible, stupid student for not being able to do ALL of it at once, and then I found out that it was common and happened to most kids in class, so that made me feel better….And then weeks after turning in each paper, I got my grade. I got an A- on my memo (go me! my 3rd A in law school I think) and I knew my 25 page appellate brief would be good. At least I had hoped. I put my LIFE on hold to do it, for chrissake. I made index cards with issue statements and point headings and rearranged them like 400 times. Anyway, grades for that were made available right before my Property Final, so I went against common sense and actually picked up my paper before I went into my exam.

The result:

Appellate Brief

YES!!!! The perfect thing to see right before a final. I was pumped! 10-13 hour days and putting off other work paid off! Although, not the ideal scenario. I don’t mind the time but I hate being behind in my other work.

So for those of you who see me day in and day out at Starbucks, THIS is what I am doing!

And speaking of Starbucks, the “fake” address that I listed on my brief is the address of my “office,” my usual Starbucks. I thought that was fitting. My lucky Starbucks.

The moral of this story is HARD WORK PAYS OFF. DONT FORGET THIS! You don’t realize at the time, and you even forget even if you know it’s true deep down. But in the end, it always comes back around as a reflection of what you have done with your time. It’s so nice to see your own work product amount to something.

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