Law students are really just babies: a rant

I usually don’t write anything whiny or complaining or negative (unless I’m reviewing a service/venue etc) but this time, I am going to break my rule. I am going to keep the personal details as anonymous as possible. Feel free to skip to the bottom to get to my point.

One of my classes was cancelled and rescheduled last week. It was rescheduled for a Friday night. I, of course, went because I love the class, and I want to learn the material, and other than ballet on Fridays, I don’t have any crazy plans – I’m usually tired and anything I do would happen after 830 anyway, which is after ballet.

So anyway, I got to class just a bit before the scheduled time. A few people were there, but definitely not the majority of the class. It was not even one minute after time that people started complaining about the professor not being there yet. And of course, he walked right in a minute after. Calm down, kids – he works during the day, and usually gets to class exactly on time, maybe one minute after. Give him a break, especially because I am sure you whiners have gone to your classes a minute (probably more) after they started.

The class was longish, but it always is. And one would assume that law students are adults in that they are responsible and respectful and mature…at least this was my assumption upon starting law school. I have since learned otherwise, but I am always hopeful that not everyone is a jerk. Clearly my hope is misplaced, as few students there that evening did nothing but complain when the professor wasn’t looking, or when he stepped out of the room for a break halfway through. Actually, out of about eight people, I think this other guy and I were the only people who didn’t complain.

I swear I wanted to punch these kids in the face. This is law school, folks. This is an upper level class, so you know the drill by now. If you don’t want to be here, then why bother coming (both generally to law school, and to the class, as when a class is rescheduled by a professor, you are not required to attend the makeup class)? It’s like they came just to complain about being in class on a Friday night. The bar will still be there at 730 tonight. Calm down and grow up.

Not only does it annoy me that they were whiny babies, but the professor is also giving up his Friday night to be with us. He is in the same boat! And he clearly loves to teach and he is a great teacher and enjoys being there, so have a little respect. One kid said that the prof doesn’t “understand” how important Friday nights are. I am sure he does, as he is also giving up his Friday night!

Even if you are miserable, keep it to yourself. You can’t cry about everything, especially in real life practice. Definitely not professional. And of course, nobody thinks about the impression they are leaving and the reputation they are creating…

I love this class and this professor and you can just tell he loves what he does, and in my head it made me very defensive and protective of him. If he only knew what they were saying…

I understand not everyone loves school and is a law geek like I am (I could have stayed another hour in the class, it went by so fast for me!). I know I have complained and will complain about classes or workload etc. once in a while. We are all entitled to our moments. But life, learning, and relationships are about mutual respect and flexibility (among many other things), and I am afraid that I have not seen much of that among my peers.

Oh well. Makes me look even better.

My point: Law students need to stop crying and grow up, do the work, suck it up, and have some freaking respect for others; you have to give it to get it!



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