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Throughout the year, the Boston Bar Association (“BBA”) holds “study breaks” for law students or new attorneys in various practice areas. These study breaks are informal gatherings that provide opportunities for law students and recent graduates to meet members of the various sections of the BBA.

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At the Bankruptcy Law section Study Break, aspiring attorneys can meet the Bankruptcy bar members and learn about resources available to them in launching their careers and beyond. Speakers talk about their personal career pathways and tips for things like networking and finding a job, and answer any questions.

I went to the Bankruptcy Law section Study Break a few weeks ago, and in the midst of my pre pre final stress and anxiety, I had a great time, and I felt like I was where I was meant to be.

Poetry aside, here are some things I learned at the Study Break:

Having skills like initiative and ownership are key. As a young attorney, you should know when to ask for guidance, but you also shouldn’t need a babysitter.

Of course, the usual suspects such as strong oral, writing, and analytical skills were mentioned.

Have Passion! I was so happy to hear someone mention this! I think it is often forgotten in the daily grind of being a lawstudent/lawyer.

Revisit your resume once in a while (this is something I need to do more often), and think about whether the things on it are advancing you, what their purposes are, and how they portray you.

Keep showing up at events and introduce yourself.

Follow up with emails right away, then every few months. By keeping yourself in the front of people’s minds, they are more likely to think of you and remember you. If you keep following up with people, your network will build itself.

Consider writing an introductory letter to your contacts and let everyone know what you are up to.

Consider working with a volunteer attorney.

Another thing huge thing that stuck out for me was that when asked, everyone said that they fell into Bankruptcy by chance. I love this! This is what happened to me!

The point: keep networking and talking to people so they get to know you, keep your information current, and FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!


For more info on the Bankruptcy section at the BBA, contact the BBA, or the Co-Chairs of the Bankruptcy Law Section, Douglas R. Gooding ( and John T. Morrier (




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