Senioritis: finally a 4LE after a beast of a semester

Even though summer semester already started about two weeks ago, I only just received my last final grade from the Spring. Happy to be on the Dean’s list again! Only one more year of school left!

Spring semester was a BEAST! Everyone I know says the same thing. I don’t know if it was in the air or what but it was almost as overwhelming as first year in the amount of work I had to do.

This summer is not much calmer. Here is what I have been up to:

– I am a Summer Associate at the firm I interned for last fall. “Owning” some cases this time around, which is a ton of work but awesome!

– I work for Imprivata Inc., a security software company, in their in house IT dept. In some ways, it reminds me a lot of when I worked for Apple. But better!

At work at Imprivata

– I am taking Contracts Drafting class over the summer at school.

– Attending Boston Bar Association and Mass Bar Association events as much as possible.

I’m loving everything that I’m doing so that definitely helps!! I am getting senioritis for sure, though. Now I want to be done already.

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