Watch Max the Ninja Blender in action!

I got a new blender! He is a Ninja™ NJ600 Professional Blender and his name is Max. I dunno why his name is Max. He just looked like a Max to me.

In natural Legallyblondbos fashion, I have already reviewed him at My review is listed as Anonymous for some reason, but it is the most recent review!

I also did something I have never done before, which is make a video! And I used iMovie on my iPhone to edit it!

Here is it for your amusement and entertainment!

Also, here is the body of my review online:

This is the best consumer blender I have ever used! I am a health junkie, so I use a blender for protein shakes daily. That being said, even though I have only used the Ninja twice so far, it is amazing! It really reminds you of ordering a smoothie in a juice bar. The 1000 watts make a huge difference in the smoothness and quality of the frozen particles in the drink. It is still clearly a frozen drink, but exactly the consistency it should be. Obviously individual preferences as to thickness etc change, but overall the Ninja does a great job of making the perfect shake/smoothie, and who can beat $100! I like that the pitcher is plastic and the blade just slides in and out of the bottom easily, for easy cleaning. There are no crazy nooks and crannies at the bottom to try to reach, and no parts to screw on and off. When you put the lid on, it snaps down and holds the blade in place. When you take the blade out, you have a mostly flat surface at the bottom of the pitcher. All the parts are dishwasher safe.
The pitcher turns and “clicks” onto the base, for added security. And somehow that little action makes it seem more professional!
( Prior to my Ninja, I had a Kitchen Aid KSB560, which is one of the highest rated consumer blenders. I went through 2 pitchers with the KitchenAid because they kept leaking at the bottom. I found that it did not really crush ice too well, either.)
You really can’t go wrong with this one.

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  • Marcus

    Pure magic. I love the Saved By the Bell-like graphics and the cool techno jam in the background. Well done. I’ve never heard of almond milk…

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