Review: 5 Napkin Burger Update

Ok so I have gone back here a couple times, with the burger being still great but the service lacking. I wasn’t moved enough to update my review until the last (and I mean quite literally probably the LAST time I have been, and will be going, to 5 Napkin). I ordered a regular burger and sweet potato fries.
So my order was taken promptly which was great. I was starving and knew what I wanted. Then it took 20 min for anything to come out, and the server did not even come back once to say anything or check up on me. Waiter’s name was Logan. It’s unfortunate that he sucked, because I really like that name. So anyway, some other guy came out with fries 20 min later…and they were the wrong fries!!! He took them back. And I had to frantically waive my hands like an air traffic controller to get Logan to come back and I let him know what happened. Just after that, my burger came out, but I still had no fries. So I flagged Logan down again and I actually timed how long it took for my fries to come out after my burger, which was 11 minutes in total. 11 Minutes!!! That’s so ridiculous! I want my fries WITH my burger, so I sat there waiting for the fries. And I barely got an apology.
The GM Tim was strutting by casually, like he was strolling through the park and asked how my meal was as I was taking a bite. He continued to walk by as he asked, not expecting me to say anything. And I stopped him and told him it was terrible, and explained why, and I asked that the fries be taken off my bill. Well, Tim did more than that, he didn’t charge me for anything. Which is basically the only reason this place got the one star in this update. And I felt like Tim didn’t really care. There was no sense of urgency or real concern or regret for providing horrible service. He just did it to shut me up. I did thank him several times as he continued to take his pleasure stroll through the restaurant.
I doubt this problem with service will be fixed, given Tim’s way too nonchalant attitude. It is one thing to be easy going, and another to just not give a sh*t. Which is really disappointing because I wanted to like 5 Napkin and keep going there. It was kind of in my top 5. But service trumps food and where there is essentially no service, there is usually no business from me. I never say never. I just say highly unlikely. 5 Napkin is no longer at the top of my list.
A shame.
So if you want to be frustrated with trying to get your hands on a good burger, by all means check it out. But I would head to the Gallows or even a Five Guys before I waste my time at 5 Napkin.

Link Directly to this on Yelp.

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  • HC

    Would suggest Back Bay Social Club … the burger is my favorite in Boston , and the staff are friendly and good at remembering if you have been in before .. those little things that help when eating out

    • legallyblondbos

      Thanks for your suggestion! A personal experience is definitely key in my book, as is evident in many of my reviews. I will definitely add that burger to my list. Plus I think they have outdoor seating, right? Perfect for the summer!

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