School is in session!

Today is the end of my first week of my third year of law school. Yay! It has been such an eventful week. The first class is always kind of awkward as you decide what you think of the professors and look around the classroom to see which jerks are in your class and which aren’t. Only certain classes of mine are heavily jerk laden, so that’s good.

It has been a tiring week, both intellectually and emotionally. At the risk of revealing how big a law nerd I am, I REALLY love my classes and look forward to doing the readings! All the work, the new schedule, the reading, and the excitement has exhausted me. So tonight, after class, an amazing interview, and a nap, I am closing my week old school style – at my fav place, Island Creek Oyster Bar!

I ordered the seafood platter for four, for me. It was perfect! I will sleep well tonight!


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