5th Semester Law School Epiphanies

It’s been two weeks since law school started back up for me. It has been super busy from the first night before the first day. As I enter my third week, I have already had several realizations:

1. When you have an interview about something that excites you, it’s just another conversation. My first week of school, I managed to squeeze in an interview for an internship with a firm I had been stalking since the summer. I did the usual preparation, looking up the firm’s background, articulating why I wanted to work with them, and making sure my teeth were clean. The interview, for me, was really like a fun conversation because I had been looking forward to it and was excited about it. At the end, I was asked whether the questions were difficult, and my answer was no, because they were all questions relating to something I enjoy and am passionate about. When you enjoy something, you actually want to talk about it and ponder over it. Consider this when applying to things, whether jobs or internships.

2. Everyone needs a class that requires peer to peer interation and speaking in class. Whether you hate speaking in front of people, or you are that guy who doesn’t stop flapping in class, you need to take a class that forces you to speak or forces you to shut up and listen. I am taking Alertnative Dispute Resolution, and this just might be my biggest challenge in law school ever since I am super uncomfortable speaking in front of my peers. I am terrified but I believe both listening and proper speaking technique are must haves, not just in law, but in life.

3. Have an open mind about changing your mind. I thought I knew what kind of law I wanted to practice when I started. But in just a couple weeks of school, I am considering things that I would never have even attempted before. If you are kind of smart, you will grow and learn a lot about yourself during the first two years of law school. Really appreciate this and use it to figure out where your interests are. People who enjoy what they do do it better than those who don’t.

Happy fall semester!

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  • chris

    Well I have to say… I am not a law student, but I happen to find your information extremely uplifting in regards to job searching and personal growth. I am probably going to be interviewing for some jobs soon, and I am going to be telling myself “This is just another conversation about something you enjoy” …. 🙂 Thanks

    • legallyblondbos

      Awww Thanks 🙂 I’m happy it helps. Let me know how those interviews go :-}

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