Boston: one of the top cities for internships

In my last post, I wrote about an interview I had for an internship. I had two other offers around the same time.At a time where any kind of work is hard to find, I am humbled to have even made contact with three different firms who wanted me…two of which independently sought me out, and the other (the one I accepted) wanted me after I stalked and emailed them. I feel so cool and grown up now. Like a real attorney, but not really…like I just hatched and mama will be there to feed me but I will have to learn to fly on my own. Either way, I feel lucky to have even found any internship, let alone with people I want to work with in a city I love.

Check out this infographic from It’s from early 2011, but it still makes me happy to be in one of the top Internship states/cities. Yay Boston!



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