5 Napkin Burger

5 napkin burger

Open for lunch and dinner. Loved the ambiance the moment I walked in. Its like an upscale diner meets fancy NY restsurant/bar. The walls have White tile which gives an old school look. It’s on the darker side as far as lighting goes, with small lights hanging from a bar kind of thing from the ceiling with pulleys. And meathooks. I’m sure there’s a technical name for the pulley/rail setup, but I don’t know it. And the meat hooks are kind of weird and morbid, but a cool touch…plus I like weird and morbid. There are displays with clocks on the wall, and bottles on shelves in some places. And huge chalkboards with doodles. There was great music playing, kind of new wave like, dark poppy and indie rocky. My server was Steven. I could tell he was having a stressful day. The chicks at the table next to me, who were like 18, sent almost everything back for reasons that could not possibly have been Steven’s fault: Perfume in the sweet potato fries? I don’t think so. Anyway he was a really good sport about everything, and very stressed, and even though he was a bit hard to hunt down, he was great. He listened and made himself available even though he was clearly miserable. And I really appreciate that. I ordered an Allagash white to drink. They have extensive beer menu. I don’t know much about beers but a friend always has allagsh so I figured I would try it. Was pretty good. To eat, I ordered Sweet potato fries and the house burger: — menu. Burger was phenomenal, even though it looked pretty plain. I didn’t know they had wheat buns, so next time I will order that instead. Also I ordered medium well and it was still really pink, like medium. I ate it anyway, but as a heads up, I would talk to your server before ordering. The sweet potato fries, I was told, are one of the only items they don’t make in house. But they were fresh and not wimpy and cooked perfectly. Prices are decent: around 8-9$ starting for a burger. I think that’s great for a really good piece of meat. I sat near a server station and one of the guys had terrible BO. I woukd advise a manager to have a talk about this. It wasn’t steven because I didn’t smell it when he was nearby. But it kept wafting in my direction and was pretty gross. I definitely want to go here again, sans the BO.

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