Boston Business Printing

Traipsed through downtown Boston on a rainy (but warm) day to get to these guys. Needed “velo” binding for an appellate brief, and all the big guys  like Staples and Kinkos don’t offer velo. Weird. Anyway, I found Boston Business Printing on Yelp and checked out the website. I called just after 830am and spoke with Trent. I told him what I was looking for and he was super nice and said to come in any time and they would do it while I waited. My project was only to make 2 copies of 25 pages and bind them, so nothing major anyway, but based on reviews and their website, BBP seems to work hard to complete assignments as quickly as possible. It was a bit out of my way, but worth it. Trent was very nice and professional. A graphic artist, Victor, was also cool and got the job done. I would definitely bring my business here again, and recommend them as well.As an aside, they are located in the basement and there are two elevators. If you veer right a bit when you walk in, you will see the proper elevator, as it looked like the other one didn’t go to basement.


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