My top 10 comments on the MPRE

My top 10 comments on the March 17, 2012  MPRE

1. The proctors were a lot friendlier than the MPRE booklet made them sound. My proctors actually allowed people to keep their watches on their person, and have a beverage on the table.

2. The facilities were clean and new and nice. I was at Boston College Law School.

3. The required passport photos for your admission ticket are annoying and make you look older and even more exhausted than you already are. I didn’t really care, since this photo wasn’t going to be broadcast anywhere else, so I just picked the first one they took at CVS without even looking at it.

4. The actual exam was easier than all the BARBRI questions I had been doing. Most were almost identical, but the answers seemed more obvious. Maybe it was just because I did about 400-500 questions prior to the exam…

5. I used more time on the actual test than I was using on the practice exams. I blame slower reading for stronger focus and concentration.

6. Cellphones are contraband! Leave your cellphone in your car! Turning it off is not enough. They collect them in a bin before the exam and then you have to dig yours out on your way out. Apparently, if they catch you with it on you, even if turned off, they are required to confiscate it and send to Bar Examiner headquarters to be inspected.

7. It was hot. Then it was cold. Layers were definitely a good idea. And a scarf.

8. I almost forgot to sign my name at the bottom of my answer sheet. Not good.

9. Test was supposed to start at 9am. Check-in was “8:45ish” as per the signage. Actual test start time: 9:40am.

10. I ran the Boys and Girls Club St. Patrick’s Day 5K Road Race the next day. In my personal record time for a 5K, at ~32 min. It was a gorgeous day and a great time! I am the shrimp on the left!

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