Oh wait, law students don’t really get a spring break

There are approximately six weeks of school left!

Last week was spring break and I studied for the MPRE. And did other school things. All week. Review sessions, practice tests, barbri, group discussions, etc. MPRE has taken over my life.

I did take some time to relax, too, and saw some family and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Now I’m back to classes. Tonight I open my week with the 5th Annual Young Bar Meets Bankruptcy Bench Program. My bankruptcy professor told me about it, and he is on the panel, so that’s exciting.

I have a million things due at the same time at school this semester, so that should be interesting. I feel like I don’t have enough time, but spring break was almost TOO much time, if that makes any sense. I do better and more work with a full schedule.

Anyway, happy spring!

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