MA Bar exam Results this week!

Did you know there’s a bar exam gossip/forum circuit??

People must really be twisted masochists to read and post things online about the bar exam. For example, has forums about when people think the scores are mailed out, venting anxious nerves and frustrations, and stories about people calling the bar examiners office FIVE TIMES A DAY to ask if results have been mailed out.

So anyway, I heard that results were mailed out TODAY (October 22). Thus, I will be babysitting my mailbox tomorrow. I live in a building where the mail usually comes at 3:30pm. For the past two weeks I have been throwing up in my mouth a little every time I checked the mail. Hopefully tomorrow I will scream in joyous delight instead of hurling all over the mailroom in disgust.

20131022-215959.jpg the keys to my mailbox

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