Review: Starbucks, Brookline Village

Ok seriously, people. This is hands down one of the best Starbucks’, if not THE best, in/around Boston. I haven’t been to all of them, but I can say I’ve been to ALMOST all of them at least once. And every time I am elsewhere, I keep comparing and wishing they could all be like the Brookline Village store.
So let’s talk about why Brookline Village is the best.
1. The people! They are so nice here! And not that fake bull sh*t nice with plastic smiles. These people are really, like, happy to help. I, personally, could never be that happy serving people, which is why I give them serious props for pleasantly issuing coffees in the wee hours of the morning and all the way into the night.
2. Efficiency! There is a sense of urgency at this store that I have never seen in any other Boston Starbucks. They are on it. There is some great multitasking going behind the bar.
3. Customer satisfaction. On the rare occasion that a customer isn’t satisfied with something, they immediately acknowledge and either replace or offer a comp for the customer’s next drink. Instantly. Customers don’t have to ask or complain first. It’s just done. This is HUGE!
This group consists of mostly students who don’t miss a beat as the oldies roll on off to school and pass the torch to the incoming team, all of whom are lead by Cullen, their fearless leader/manager. I have worked in retail service, and I know that attitudes and work ethic all flow down from the top. Clearly, Cullen knows what she is doing and has cultivated a store that embodies both the Starbucks vision and leads by example of what good service should be…and they all make it look effortless.
I dare you to experience the Brookline Village Starbucks. You will seriously become spoiled and compare all Starbucks’ to them. They will rock your world like they have mine. And if you are a ‘regular’ they will remember your name. Like cheers- but caffeinated. And better.

Oh, and tell them Julie sent you 😉

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