Review: Churrascaria Rodeo

Don’t be discouraged by this churrascaria’s small interior and teeny parking lot. I was at first, and until we actually were served, I had my doubts. But Tatiana, our server, was amazing. She was super polite and attentive, and had a great personality. She made little jokes here and there and her comfort in the restaurant was very disarming. She explained that we would start with a salad and then an appetizer plate with asparagus and mashed potatoes. Then, the guys with meat skewers would start coming around. We had a casino chip looking thing with red for stop on one side and green for go on the other. As long as you have your green up and showing, you will be offered meat from 16 different varieties, Including sausage, pork, lamb, filet mignon, top sirloin, chicken leg, etc. We found that even when we needed a break and put our red stop signs up, they guys were so nice that they came around anyway. You might think it would be obnoxious but they were all so sweet and nice, it was fun and not obnoxious at all.
The quality of the food was excellent. The meats were cooked at different levels so you can chose what temp you want. They slice it off and you grab it with tongs and put it on your plate. They were all super juicy and flavorful.
Most amazing was the grilled pineapple with cinnamon. It tasted like the warm beach in the summer and the way hawaiian tropic smells. I didn’t know whether to eat it or rub it all over me.
Now dessert was a different beast all together. We had a mango something or other cheesecake like thing with raspberry sauce and something that tasted like cake batter drizzled all over it. I also couldn’t decided if I should eat that or rub it all over me.

I have been to other Brazilian steak houses with huge salad bars and a “viewing area” where you can actually see the meats cooking. I admit that missing these things detracts slightly from the ambiance here, however the quality of the food and personalities of the servers make up for all of it.

Well done. I would definitely go back. Oh and it’s worth mentioning I discovered this place via aol wowchers which are like groupons essentially.


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