8 Days post op followup and pix – safe

Today is my follow up appointment for my bunionectomy! Everything went wonderfully, as far as I know. I was on crutches for about 5 days, then I started hobbling around, then I incorporated crutches in a bit more because I thought I screwed up by walking too much. I didn’t take much percocet, just the first 2 days. Then I switched to Aleve.

3ortholoc infoPhoto Jun 27 8 06 47

Photo Jun 27 9 06 29


I live tweeted the whole thing, presuregery, all the way into the OR, and then post surgery. I do have pictures from during the surgery that Dr. Locke took that I will post with a disclaimer in a separate post. You can see the screws and plates in my foot! They are purple and match most of my wardrobe.

Photo Jun 27 13 06 32Post op xray1Photo Jun 29 19 35 21

I was out under MAC anesthesia and as far as I know, I didn’t wake up during the procedure. The IV was probably the worst part, and my arm was in a ton of pain just before the anesthesia kicked in. All I remember was crying from the pain and then being knocked out and waking up after the surgery.

Photo Jun 29 21 02 02c

I am going in for my follow up where they will unwrap my soft cast and see what’s going on underneath. Should be interesting!


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