Crim Pro through my mind

Well, dearest readers, today is my final final! No more increased risk of death and disease from sitting all live long day! Today’s Final is (insert drumroll): Criminal Procedure! Hold the applause until the end, please. I know, I know…it’s difficult to contain your excitement about CRIMINAL PROCEDURE! Actually, although it is my least favored subject, I found it more interesting as I studied for the exam. Here is what I did to make it more fun and to outline my outline in a new way. I used an app called MindNode Pro, which is a mind mapping app. Basically it’s like a flowchart. I have always been fascinated by mindmaps but have never made one so LARGE. I wish I had done this before. Anyway, it is not perfectly organized as some of the branches have topics that might be better put elsewhere, and there are definitely typos. So spare me the spelling, grammar, and organizational critiques (I am aware it’s not perfect) and enjoy the art! OK and maybe some of the content, if you’re into that kind of thing. Masochists.

(Having some link trouble today and no time to really troubleshoot, so if you can’t click on the mind map itself, try clicking here.)

Crim Pro Outline

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  • Marcus

    Whoa…never seen one of those before. Nice job. Good luck today! You’re gonna crush it.

    • legallyblondbos

      Thanks! I’m just happy I will finally have some clean laundry this weekend! 🙂

  • Rodney M.

    Would you send a copy of that mind map to me please; seems the link is expired and clicking on the picture did not work. I have my final on Tuesday and your work here is just what I was looking for to get a handle on this subject.

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