My first video post! Organizing outlines to use on exams

My grand reveal today, after having been in a cave for a few weeks, is my first ever video blog post!!!

I felt like a huge dork after I watched and edited this video. It was a very humbling experience. I think I relax more as I get into it! However, I have found that I, personally, like seeing videos of the bloggers I love because it’s cool to watch something and hear them, and it seems more personal. I wanted to take that approach as well.

I also feel like I have a lot of tips and tricks and I think at times they are better presented either in demo form or spoken word.

Disclaimers and things I am aware of: the lighting sucks, I say “um” way too much, I haven’t learned which side my right/left are one whilst looking into a camera, I am a huge nerd and some might find this boring but I had fun making it and I think it is useful!

So without further ado, here I am, showing my Family Law outline and how cool it is and how I had it bound for my final. 

Enjoy, people!

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  • Marcus

    You are an EPIC nerd. Great job 🙂

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