4 of 5 tips for professional responsibility

My former Legal Research and Writing I Professor from my 1L year came into my Ethics class the other day for a couple minutes. She’s a clerk and works with our judge professor, so he asked her to come speak to us. She is amazing. Back in the day when everyone was complaining about their LRW profs, I was bragging about mine. She was funny and down to earth and spoke to you like a human, which is hard to get from anyone as a 1L.

I didn’t know she was going to be coming to class, and I was so excited to see her. It’s very strange because I had been thinking of emailing her for a couple weeks now. I have been writing bench memos for work over the past couple days. I swear time goes by so fast, I don’t remember which semester I wrote my bench memo in school! But anyway I wanted to touch base with her and let her know what I was up, as I have at times in the past.

In class, Prof Cook gave us her top 5 tips for professional responsibility in the courts generally.

I only remember 4:

Be nice to the clerk. She can make your life a joy, or a living hell.

Be prepared. Know your case, know your client, know your facts, as best as you can.

Don’t be a jerk to opposing counsel. Be flexible and OK with giving extensions etc. as reasonable. There will be a day when you need something, too.

Deadlines are real. 30 days is 30 days. November 18th is November 18th. Don’t miss your deadlines! You will look like a jerk to others, especially your client.

I will add the last one if it comes to me!


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