Review: Pearl Restaurant

After a beautiful drive to Wellfleet and a boat ride in the harbor, we were starving on the afternoon of the 4th of July. The Bookstore Cafe down the street was packed so badly it was overflowing – people were dining and drinking in the street! I was just out of surgery on crutches, so I was not about to battle my way through that crowd only to get smushed for another several hours. Pearl was down the street, unassuming and quiet looking, so we decided to head there.

My boyfriend took a look at the menu and let me know to come on over because they had a raw bar happy hour! Oysters, and clams at a discount, and lobsters for $10! It was the perfect late lunch for a great day out in the sun. There was also live music, which we did not expect, and that added a whole new outdoorsy just-chillin-with-my-Sam Summer-and-seafood vibe. There was a good crowd, too – not over crowded, but definitely hopping. 
IMG 0104It was a GREAT meal. The lobsters were a good size for $10 – they didn’t skimp. And the quality of the oysters was good, too. The clams, I must say, were the juiciest and tastiest I have had, like, ever. We had fried calamari, a generous portion and tender and tasty as well. My friend had a veggie burger, and said it was the texture of “an undercooked falafel,” in a good way. 

The service was great, too!

Overall the food and ambiance were perfect for lunch at this little cape village. I would chose Pearl over a super crowded bar any day.

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