Review: Bin 54

Bin 54’s tagline reads “Steak and Cellar” and it totally lives up to that!

When we first walked in, we could smell delicious steaks cooking, and we knew we picked a good place. I actually found Bin 54 on yelp!

Mike was our server here and he was excellent. He was attentive and informative and pleasant.

My boyfriend and I ordered the lobster gnocchi, and the scallop appatizers. They were really tasty, more so than I expected.

I ordered a martini that had Hendricks (my usual) with cucumber an mint and some other citrus in it I think, and it was great! Very light and summery. Ed ordered a martini made with cayenne pepper, which was super tasty with a little kick at the finish. We each had wine with our steak dinners. Mike also brought some tastings for me to pick a nice red, and I went with the Malbec.

For my entree, I had the hanger steak with chimicurri sauce, and Ed had a New York Strip. We ordered them medium rare, and they were cooked perfectly, but were too cold to the touch, as though they had been sitting out waiting, before they were brought to the table. We informed Mike and he sent them back and in a couple minutes they came back out hot and still appropriately pink in the center. Perfect. Mike was very apologetic and took the wine off our tab as a courtesy, which I thought was really cool. It truly shows the values of a good establishment. I have only been to one or two other places where that was done without someone in my party requesting it.

Ed REALLY loved the house dessert which was something like a key lime pie with ladyfingers and fresh strawberry slices on top…and Ed never likes sweets. I thought it was good, but not orgasmic.

Bin 54 gets five stars from be because the food was amazing, the service was top notch and 5 star quality, the embiance was classy but not intimidating.

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