Review: Lee Nail Salon

Manis and Pedis and BYOB – What could be better?!

While visiting my boyfriend for the weekend while he was on business in Durham, I gave him the assignment of scoping out a decent nail salon so I could get a polish change while I was there. I didn’t need anything crazy special. Man did he do good! He saw Lee and told me he found a place and so we went.

What a great nail salon! Super clean and EVERYONE was friendly, and not in that obnoxious, fake, “you are just another customer” manner. Everyone said hi and smiled and they really seemed like they were glad we stumbled in.

The place looked pretty new, with around 18 or so new massaging pedicure chairs in the back. Now, ladies, we all know there are levels of these sweet chairs…some are more ghetto than others. These were like 5 PIMP massaging pedicure chairs. They were leather-ish, plush, and so comfortable looking. Even the accompanying chairs that the nail tech sits in were fancy, to match the pedi chairs!

Toward the front, there are a good 8 or so manicure tables. It was here that I met Monica, the sweet woman who filed my nails and changed my polish. She was chatty and polite (even though at times I feel like she talked too much instead of just getting the job done – like she would stop was she was doing to talk instead of multitasking. But she was so nice I couldn’t get upset, even though we were late for our dinner reservation.)

It was about $10 for a polish change, which is normal I think. Well worth going here. Love the salond and the people. And my polish itself came out great!

AND you can bring your own wine/champagne to drink as you get your pedicure! There is a liquor store in the same plaza!


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