To be or not to be: After 1st trial thoughts

There comes a time in every future attorney’s education/career when something just clicks and you know exactly what you are meant to do in your law life. For me, today may or may not have been that day – you’ll have to ask me in a couple years.

Uncertainty notwithstanding, today was pivotal for me in some way. I don’t know exactly what it is…maybe the taste of [potential] success? I have been told by people who know me, who love me and also those who mostly insult me as well, that I would be a good litigator. Never in my entire life did I think it might be something I actually wanted to do. I was reading about trying your first housing case, and the book described the courtroom as a stage, which made me vomit a little in my mouth.

But I really enjoyed it today. I enjoyed the challenge- odds were totally against us, but I think we won (I say “think” because we have to wait for a letter in the mail in 10 days. Freaking pony express over here.) The whole time I was waiting for the judge to just call it off, and she didn’t and it was fantastical!

I have a strong aversion to public speaking. I don’t like talking to my peers. Not sure how I fare under pressure. But something about today gave me a little high and I mentally skipped out of the courtroom, most likely with a shit eating grin on my face.

My post name isn’t very creative. But that doesn’t matter…. p


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