Back to school for busiest semester EVER

Happy New Year Friends! After a much needed break from school and time with family, I am back in the Bean and getting back to the grind at school. I feel like last semester was the most work I have done since I started law school, so naturally it’s been amazing to have down time over my break.

So far, even though I am busier than I have ever been with other random things, I think this semester will be slightly more relaxed. I am taking Trademark (with same prof as Copyright), Current Events in Patent Law, Family Law, and Contracts Drafting. I am considering taking a class over the summer for the first time, too.

Unbelievably, I STILL don’t have all of my grades from last semester. I have two out of four, and they are good. But I don’t understand why it takes so long. I shouldn’t be surprised though, as the professors I am still waiting on have notoriously given our papers back to us more than two weeks later than they originally said they would.

I am also taking the MPRE in March, and have thus decided to sacrifice my spring break this year (ours is earlier than most) and study. It will be nice to have it over with, but it’s also a pain in the ass.

End of March I will be going to ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago (my BFF lives there, too!) I have never been to it, so I am really excited! Also going to LegalTech tradeshow in NY for a day at the end of January. Very excited to geek out at both of these events and meet a bunch of Tweeps in person for the first time!

I am still interning with my fab firm, too.

And that’s just the start of it…I have lots of traveling and family stuff planned as well. Should be a great Spring semester!

Happy Spring Everyone!

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