I Changed My [Law School] Major

You read that correctly: I changed my major.

I was on the IP track, and I decided to switch to Bankruptcy. I have no idea where the decision came from. Actually, that’s a lie – I know exactly where it came from…but the timing of the decision itself was unexpected.

Changing my course of study in Law School was a strategic career move. I have spoken to many, both interested and disinterested parties, and all have agreed that it would be a good choice (not that IP was a bad choice, but that Bankruptcy would also be good for me). I wanted to find a niche where I felt I would do well and was interesting to me, and I love code and minutia, so there you go.

I made the decision to switch after a meeting at the firm where I intern. I called school to see when the last day for add/drop was (school had started that week) and it was that day, at 5pm. It was (then) 4:32pm. So I sat on the corner of some building in Government Center, braced against the wind, and hopped on my iPad to scramble online and change my courses, talking to my bestie Chris on the phone for support. I just made the cut-off, at around 4:50-something. And then I sat there [over]analyzing the decision I just made. I had a feeling it was for the best, as I had been entertaining the idea for a while. I just hadn’t decided when or how to test the Bankruptcy waters. But I was excited.

Fast forward three weeks:

I love the class. Our professor, Judge Bailey, took the class to the Bankruptcy court at McCormack Courthouse on a field trip to have class and do a mock trial in courtroom no.3. Some crazy volunteers re-anacted Integrated Telecom Express. I felt like I was in a role playing game, similar to the Larpers here, but a different kind of geeky. I would have been the elf clapping from sidelines since I was just watching the trial….But anyway, there was so much technology in the courtroom, all I could think about were the million ways I could use my iPad in practice in that room. The room was gorgeous, too, completely renovated to look like the original from 1933. The building itself is an old post office and Sub-Treasury building, massive and intimidating, yet really beautiful and cool if you are a law geek like myself.

I think I made the right choice. The moral of the story: go with your gut. It’s pretty much always right.


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